Most of us commonly assume that chiropractic is for
adults and only after we've experienced a severe
trauma, but this isn't completely true. Subluxations of
the spine can occur in children as well

As a general rule, children tend to be much more
active than adults, so subluxation in a child can be
caused by everyday activities and usually, without
them even being aware of it. If an injury does occur,
not unlike adults, children will chalk it up to something
minor caused by sports, gymnastics, dance or other
activity and simply shrug it off. Even today's more
tech-centric generation can experience subluxation
from prolonged use of tablets, iPads and smart
phones where heads are continually bent downwards.

Thankfully, many of the same non-invasive, chiropractic
techniques can be used for children as young as a
year old and can help with many common childhood
conditions such as: Ear infections, growing pains,
scoliosis, sleeping incorrectly, immune system function,
even behavior and attitude.