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Pain Relief in Three Easy Steps


Understanding the whole
person makes for the best
plan of care


Sometimes the pain we
feel in one area actually
emanates elsewhere


Understanding the whole
person makes for the best
plan of care

Healing Pain Relief with just ONE Decision...

continuing chiropractic care

Welcome to Our Office

shared goals

To enhance the quality of life through chiropractic care and to cultivate lasting trust and confidence in our patients by virtue of observable results.

our philosophy

We can do ourselves the most good if we maintain our spinal health no different than the way we maintain our cars and computers, giving our spine the attention it needs to work well.

a lifelong commitment to overall wellness is key to our integrated approach.

Merging time-honored chiropractic methods with the latest techniques, we work to restore independence and functionality to your daily life in an atmosphere of soothing calm.
We achieve this by merging time-honored chiropractic methods with the latest techniques such as non-forced techniques with Arthro-Stim and Activator as well as ultra-sound, orthopedic treatment and massage therapy.

dr. andre khoury

In developing a plan of care, I rely not only on posture analysis, x-rays and a range of motion tests, but also on familiarizing myself with your personality and specific needs. What you eat, drink, how well you sleep and the activities you’re engaged in all play a role in shaping a wellness program that is best suited to your lifestyle.

I believe that chiropractic is an ever-evolving discipline, so I strive to combine the best of proven technique and established methods with innovative advancements so that the beneficiary of progress is you, my patient.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

review of forms

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Keep in mind...

Just because pain or discomfort might begin to diminish does not mean your plan of care or maintenance should stop. Muscle damage can remain even though you're no longer experiencing discomfort or pain.

Maintaining spinal health only works by maintaining proper nerve communication throughout your body.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Isn't Just for the Spine,
It Can Also Treat...


Carpal Tunnel

Female Issues



Plantar Fascitis
Degenerative Joints

Personal Injury and Auto Accident

We are experienced in the particulars

of personal injury and auto accident cases

We offer complete care for acute traumas. Whether it's a “slip and fall” situation at home, a work related injury or a trauma resulting from a traffic accident, our goal is the same, return you to your daily activities in the most effective way possible. Whiplash, soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, spinal injuries, or sprains and strains of any kind can be alleviated with chiropractic.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

with Triton Traction Table

This treatment helps realign the spine and lower pressure on the discs or a specific disc while allowing greater circulation for your body’s natural healing properties. It can also be effective for leg and arm pain.

Spinal decompression is a highly effective therapy that has been used in chiropractic for decades. Decompression or traction are applied on a comfortable table with a device that cycles through intermittent or prolonged distraction and relaxation phases. This process promotes optimal vertebrae health while relieving pain for bulging, herniated or degenerative discs.

What Some of Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Khoury isn't only an amazing chiropractor, he's a generous and warm-hearted human being whose genuine concern for each and every patient shines through. I would never consider seeing anyone else.

David M | Woodland Hills, CA

I had left shoulder pain and lower back pain. I've been coming to Dr. Khoury regularly and now I've found that I no longer have pain. I feel so much more invigorated and healthy.

Alana H | Sherman Oaks, CA

Since I started coming to see Dr. Khoury I feel so much better. I have much less back pain from my scoliosis and my posture has improved. I have much more energy, too.

Melanie W | Encino, CA

My overall health has been quite good over the years. After I turned 80 however, my flexibility isn't quite as it used to be. Each time I see Dr. Khoury he relieves my pain and I'm able to continue on with my life. Thank you, Dr. Khoury.

Annie I | Sherman Oaks, CA

Dr. Khoury has been helping me with my lower back pain. I never before thought about the importance of keeping my back maintained. Dr. Khoury has made a difference in how I take care of myself.

Mary G | Sherman Oaks, CA

Every time I visit Dr. Khoury, he always fixes me up and puts my back in place. Thanks, Dr. Khoury.

Destiney M | Reseda, CA

Since I've been coming to Dr. Khoury my back has never felt problems at all for the past four years. And I move around like I'm 10 years younger.

Steven M | Santa Clarita, CA

I had a chronic pinched nerve giving me a terrible feeling of tension in my lower back. I'm now feeling better. It took time, but the pain disappeared with Dr. Khoury's care. I don't have the problem anymore.

Shirley G | Van Nuys, CA

Dr. Khoury provides terrific maintenance for my back and neck. He's an excellent, caring professional.

Gary S | Santa Clarita, CA

I was experiencing neck and lower back pain with tingling sensations in my hands and feet. Dr. Khoury's excellent therapy really helped.

Isabella W | Sherman Oaks, CA

As a teenager I was diagnosed with a curve in my spine. As I grew older, the pain got worse. There were times I would collapse on the floor in pain. Well, now I can move and live my life. Dr. Khoury has given me my life back.

Nikki M | Sherman Oaks, CA

An auto injury left me with lower back and neck pain, along with numbness in my hands. Dr. Khoury knows exactly what to do to keep my body flexible and pain free between visits. Dr. Khoury is a friend as well as my doctor.

Elaine H | Van Nuys, CA

Dr. Khoury is an exceptionally caring and skilled chiropractor. He has helped me considerably for over 10 years. Dr. Khoury has kept me in terrific shape through monthly maintenance visits. I recommend him to all of my friends.

Karen M | Indio, CA

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healing massage

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